Session Bookings


With a Mental Health Plan from your GP you will receive a rebate of $136.35 to support your session payment.
You will have access to up to 20 rebated sessions a year.

Session Time

Sessions are 50 minutes.


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Sessions are completely confidential outside of the rare event of serious safety issues. Brief letters with minimal details are sent to GP’s when extensions of Mental Health Plans are required.

Couple's Sessions

Couples sessions are highly structured so you are not replaying the same patterns and have the best chance of creating new experiences. Todd starts this process with individual sessions first. Couples sessions are an additional $20.

Cancellation Fees

50% of the session fee  is charged when  two business days notice  is provided.  For example if your appointment is on a Wednesday and you cancel on Monday you will be charged 50% of the session fee. 100% of the session fee  is charged if you cancel any time the day before your appointment or on the day of your appointment.


Example of Cancellation Fee Based on Notice Provided if Your Appointment is on a Wednesday…


No Cancellation Fee50% of Fee100% of Fee100% of Fee

To save any confusion, you will be asked to sign this Treatment Agreement Form before starting our work together. If you want to speed up the process you can print, sign and scan (or photograph) the form and send it back to the centre at info@stepupyourlife.com.au before your first session. Alternatively, you can sign when you come into the office for the first time.

Please keep in mind…

  • The cancellation fee is charged regardless of circumstances.
  • Booking appointments represents a financial commitment.
  • Remembering appointments is the patient’s responsibility.
  • There are no rebates for cancellations.
  • Cancellation fees apply to all online appointments.
  • The cancellation fee is payable over the phone within 24 hours of cancellation (or of not presenting to an appointment) and before proceeding with treatment. 
  • Weekends are not considered business days.

Age Range

Todd works with people over 25 years of age. 



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