Is your relationship
     struggling with…

  • Feeling alone in your relationship?
  • Lack of warmth or sexual distance?
  • Reactivity or aggression?
  • Feeling like nothing works?
  • The impact of infidelity?
  • Uncertainty about your future together?


Seeing couples in pain and desperate for change is why Todd created the
Personalised Whole-Day Couple’s Therapy Intensive.



Get 100% clear on the details of the relationship pattern that is keeping you stuck. Once you both see it, you will have more freedom and choice. 


The courage to be vulnerable will help you and your partner get to know and love the hidden, forgotten or lost parts of each other. 


New skills arrive with new knowledge and loving experiences. This can rekindle old magic and sparks curiosity about new possibilities.



9.00am  –  10.40am                       IDENTIFYING THE CORE RELATIONSHIP PATTERN
                                                         (DOUBLE STANDARD SESSION)

This session maps out the repetitive interactions that have been restricting your relationship. Together we identify the old limitations and the new opportunities for relating differently. Standard therapy sessions are 50 mins. This 100 min double session will support you in going exponentially deeper.

Individual Coaching :  Todd spends 25 mins with one partner at a time to better understand their personal experience and needs. This includes coaching about how their own behaviour might be directly or indirectly contributing and what techniques might produce more effective results.
Guided Journalling :  While one partner is receiving coaching the other partner will have 25 minutes to reflect on their experience and needs within a guided journalling session. Patients are often surprised by the power of guided journalling after a double session.   
12.30pm  –  1.00pm                      PREPARING FOR CHANGE (CONSOLIDATION SESSION)
We return to consolidate what has been learnt in the morning sessions and set out the plan of change. This session clarifies a new frame for your relationship that primes us for new relational experiences in the afternoon.


2.30pm – 4.30pm                          COUPLE’S HEALING & STRENGTHENING
                                                         (MARATHON SESSION – EXTENDED DOUBLE STANDARD SESSION)
This session taps into the parts of you both that have perhaps never been cared for (perhaps even before your relationship began). Todd points out the unhelpful behaviours from you both that are hurting and damaging your relationship. From there he will coach each of you in behaviours that are more likely to create the outcomes you are hoping for. 

WITHIN 1 TO 2 WEEKS                  FOLLOW UP SESSION (50 MINS) 
Giving you both some time to assimilate your intensive experience, Todd follows up with you as a couple within one to two weeks. Here he will review any changes and assist with what is blocked. This session is fully covered within this intensive package. 


– This intensive is an orientation to your relationship’s deeper dynamics and what will be required for change. Couple’s often use this to accelerate the initial phase of treatment. It is not a substitute for a full course of treatment.  

– The intensive does not commence or proceed without both of you present. 
– Every couple is different and sessions will adapt around your needs. To give you the most leverage for change, some days or sessions might take on a different shape than outlined here.

– Payment is required in full two weeks before the scheduled intensive. Cancellations nine days before or less, will receive a 50% refund.  
– No health insurance or Medicare Mental Health Plan rebates are available with the intensive.



Painful relationship patterns can leave you feeling
empty, lonely, depressed and fearful about your future.

So many couples avoid taking action and lead lives of
 emotional, sexual and spiritual disconnection.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships.
Take action, find direction and get started on
discovering a new relationship as a couple. 

 This day requires an extremely high level of commitment from couples.
Reach out now and you will receive more information
to help decide if this experience is a good fit for your relationship.

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