• Supporting self-worth to endure doubt and experimentation on your path to personal prosperity.  
  • Taking small action for you financial future eg. regular investments in superannuation (no matter how small). 
  • Valuing yourself with growth experiences rather than survival necessities 
  • Re-evaluating compulsive generosity. Keep gift giving as a love language but review co-dependent rescuing or compensating for old fears about worth by over-giving. 
  • Financial success is most likely to be produced by a team. This team includes 1) a therapist healing wounds more deeply and reinforcing the skills of negotiating your worthiness, 2) a business coach to support your expression in business, increasing efficiency and the focus on profit and 3) a financial advisor to stimulate thought about practical opportunities. 
  • Recognising the fear of scarcity as an old protective but restrictive reaction. Be gentle and grateful for its intention to keep you safe. Say thank you to this part of yourself when it comes along on the journey of action towards financial security and abundance. In time, it will learn money can represent positive experiences of safety, security and choice
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