+ The Forgotten Carer has a disadvantage in life. They are programmed to amplify their focus on others and mute the focus on themselves.

+ This means they relate from a position where their experiences and needs are less prominent before any relating begins. As a result they are less likely to get their deeper needs met and get confused about why these have been overlooked or ‘forgotten’.

+ This pattern can be healed with specific and sustained support that soothes guilt and grief, while strengthening a more direct and dynamic relationship with the authentic self. 

+ This is the foundation for unprecedented, spontaneous and lovingly aligned change.  

Take the quiz below to reflect upon the presence and impact
of The Forgotten Carer pattern of relating in your life.

Do you experience…

1. Giving more than you receive?
2. Being a peacemaker who tries to facilitate harmony for individuals and groups?
3. Perceiving other people's emotions strongly?
4. Moments of quiet loneliness, despite being loved and having good people around you?
5. Your personal projects rarely getting off the ground the way you’d like?
6. Tending to feel selfish or guilty no matter how generous you are?
7. Grieving deeper and longer than most people when you lose someone?
8. Private disappointment in yourself, despite your strengths and achievements?
9. Valuing your loyalty to others very highly?
10. Conflict not being your greatest strength?

Are you close with other Forgotten Carers?
Make them feel cared for by sharing this path for transformation…

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