Imagine if every time you felt seriously hungry, drained and weak, you frantically started cooking and feeding others until you collapsed. The next day you forgot to feed yourself and repeated the same pattern. This would be a serious problem with serious consequences, right? 

As Forgotten Carers, that’s exactly how we have loved and ‘lived’ our whole lives. We remember and engage with others’ needs while forgetting and disengaging from our own. 
This a formula for inner emptiness, low energy and stagnation.

The ONLY way to change this pattern, is to practice connecting when you would typically disconnect from your deeper self. This is strengthened by experiencing yourself as being remembered, accepted and supported in the FULL version of the true you.  

Over the course of four weeks, you, along with a tight-knit group of likeminded Forgotten Carers, will gain firsthand experience of sustaining self-connection. This then becomes a base for your interactions in the world. Forgotten Carers are typically emotionally intelligent people. However, their trap is trying to use their intelligence to avoid receiving. They fear the tension created by being completely themselves (ie different from others) and the uncertainty this brings. 
This group is about practicing being supported in being you and building the skills of negotiating from your truth. This is how we change our connection with health, loving relationships and abundance! 


Imagine a life where you aren’t holding back

Imagine a life where you are a more complete, authentic and dynamic version of yourself.


Imagine developing the deepest feeling of safety you have ever known. You use this opportunity to connect with your complete self and then take this experience into the world to related from your grounded truth. 


Self-Connection Transformation will help you…

+ Raise your standards of what it means to be safely respected, cared for and close through first-hand experience.

+ Validate and strengthen your right to your boundaries.
+ Empower yourself by accessing support with your limiting beliefs. 
+ Celebrate that self-connection is the best way to authentically give to yourself and others. 

+ Start living and leading a life that flows and gives back to you. 

+ Experience what it means to be truly leading YOUR life.


This program is an experience that reframes how you relate with yourself and others for sustainable and ongoing growth.



Your Facilitator

Todd Zemek is a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist with more than 25 years experience. 
His private practice specialty is in assisting Forgotten Carers to develop rich self-connection that changes how they relate with themselves, loving relationships and the world. This program has been inspired by his patients who have accelerated their progress, through the combination of individual therapy and focussed support group experiences. 

Todd will be facilitating all sessions. He makes sure that sessions are safe and respectful. He ensures that space is available for everyone to grow in their own style and at their own pace. 





Places in the program will be strictly limited
to ensure safe engagement and connective space for all members.

Express your interest now to secure your space for growth. Access an early bird price and start 2022 by investing in leading your life and relationships differently...
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