Welcome to Your Forgotten Carer's
Fundamentals Video Course

Congratulations on listening to the truth of your experience, honouring your struggle and preparing to move forward to new way of relating with yourself, your life and others. You’re in the right place at the right time!

This course will prime you for a series deeply significant changes that are lifetime firsts. Open and honest reflection on the videos you receive over the next week will provided you with detailed preparation for change.

Here’s what’s ahead for you in this course…

+ Overcoming the fear of selfishness and finding freedom from the grip of guilt
+ Reducing hyper-responsibility for others’ emotions and deepening the truth of self-relating
+ Outgrowing the script from your family of origin so you can lead your life as the full version of you
+ How to navigate change or loss of friendships and/or relationships
+ Changing your relationship with your personal value and money

It’s going to be a fascinating week. Get ready for subtle and significant shifts in the weeks and months ahead.

Look out for your next video each morning for the coming week.

Talk soon! 



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